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Relaxation, Mindfulness and Meditation

Ancient skills supporting Insight and Personal Development

Whilst the world around us has changed and adapted at a phenomenal pace, the human body, mind and nervous system still react to challenges and stress in predicatable ways. We can work with this. Targeting physical, emotional and mental tension, our techniques are rooted in the ancient traditions of Yoga and supported through modern Research. Allowing you to relax, slow down and bring your attention inwards for greater self-understanding, compassion and insight. Our online training is designed to be effective, easy to follow and interactive. Got a question? Get in touch with us at www.work-happy.live or e-mail work-happy@outlook.com.

How we help and what we do

A warm welcome to our online Academy! We specialise in Relaxation and Mindfulness, Personal Development and Soft Skills training for individuals and organisations. With direct experience of working in Public and Private Sectors, frontline working and Management we know how it feels to perform under pressure. We can help you successfully navigate stressful environments to stay well and achieve your potential.

Supporting your learning

How we teach online

  • Combined Learning

    We use video, written material and audio to support your learning experience whichever way you prefer to learn, whether seeing, listening or doing.

  • Audio

    Recordings of guided practices and instruction for you to sit back and relax. Making it simple, easy to follow and supported through written material.

  • Downloadable Content

    Some of our content can be downloaded to make it easier and more convenient for you to save onto different devices to read/listen at your convenience.

  • Supporting your learning

    Contact us through our main website www.work-happy.com (contact form), e-mail work-happy@outlook.com or give us a call 0161-854-1175.

Relaxation and Mindfulness

A foundation course introducing you to 6 key techniques

We lead you through our practices step by step. These carefully selected techniques help you to restore natural breathing and refocus the mind. Together they provide an effective tool kit that can be used on a regular basis or when needed to counteract stress. Including breathing, Mindfulness and Meditation.
Relaxation and Mindfulness


The most effective relaxation targets physical, emotional and mental tensions. We use time tested techniques to help you relax straight away. We also provide background information to help you understand why and how techniques work.

  • Learn and try 6 key methods to restore balance and promote a peaceful body and mind.

  • Understand how to practice safely, what helps or harms practice.

  • BONUS GUIDE - '7 Days to Calm' to help you put everything together

Relax and Learn

Try the techniques, find out the background, discover what helps true relaxation.

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Mindfulness for Leaders

A course promoting effective leadership through Insight and Resilience.

Are you a Leader, Manager or simply working in a complex or demanding environment? The Mindfulness for Leaders programme introduces you to 5 effective core techniques (including Mindfulness and Meditation) to promote self-insight, promote relaxation and strengthen resilience. We discuss the link with skills and use 3 case studies to explore the importance of self-awareness to enable improved outcomes. We see what Research has to say about Mindfulness including a critique of Mindfulness Research and building a practice.
Mindfulness for Leaders


Adaptable, resilient leadership is key to smooth functioning of homes and businesses. Often it is not lack of technical expertise which causes difficulties, but is knowing how we react in varying situations, being able to adapt our response and communicate well. Mindfulness and surrounding practices support not only resilience but provide an effective method of self-reflection.

  • Concentrate on 5 key techniques which support insight and resilience.

  • Making the link between practice and skills, real world learning and development.

  • 3 BONUS GUIDES - including Research into Mindfulness, Building a Practice and complementary support call.

Learn and Develop

Harness the power of relaxation and Mindfulness practices to strengthen Resilience, Self-Insight and Understanding.

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  • Sian Young

    Instructor and Guide

    Sian Young

    An early trip to Thailand in 2002 and working in a Stressful job inspired an 'inner journey' to better understand mind practices and Well Being. Sian qualified to teach Yoga with Sara Avant Stover (USA) in Thailand in 2009, going on to complete further Teacher Training with Caroline Klebl (USA), Ashtanga Yoga, in 2010. Sian has also qualified in healing sytems including Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Traditional Thai Massage, Tok Sen Therapy and Reiki. Sian personally practices Yoga Asana, Yoga Nidra, Mindfulness and Meditation.

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